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About MLS Flat Fee Ohio

MLSflatFeeOhio.com is a U.S. based Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing service provider with years of experience in this very unique industry.
We pride ourselves on how fast we process MLS listing orders!
When an Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing order comes in it gets emailed to our office, home office, computers, tablets and even our mobile phones… Allowing us to process your MLS listing order in the office or remotely, even after hours, in a timely manner.

We connect all FSBO Home Sellers, commonly ‘For Sale By Owners’ with the best Ohio Flat Fee Listing Brokers. We have a personal relationship with all Ohio Flat Fee MLS brokers in our network, we only work with the best and the fastest…
Brokers whom learned to leverage the power of the internet to provide a unique real estate listing niche in the real estate industry.
Brokers can now give FSBO’s the exposure needed to get in front of more buyers, on the MLS.

We know how many Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing websites are out there…and we know how important it is for you home sellers to get your property listed quickly…that’s why we make the best effort to process all MLS orders almost immediately and work with the *fastest processing brokers in the country.


*typically the broker’s secretary is doing the data entry onto the MLS, Brokers with fast typing secretaries are the secret to getting your property listed quickly and accurately.

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Such great testimonials about how many thousands of dollars average people have saved is spreading around like wildfires. Have you ever thought of what you could do with extra money in your pocket?

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